Snowy had shedding problems due improper absorption of nutrients from her daily food, after giving PetaBiotics for a week, there was a considerable improvement in her condition, now she is more active & shedding is gone.

Ravneet with Snowy

My cutie’s coat is shinier & soft after I started using PetaSoft along with Petawash for bathing, its Lavender Love fragrance is amazing, moreover it is free from any kind of harmful preservatives, and thus it’s a total skin friendly product for my dog.

Smriti’s Cutie

I have a Beagle, as it is a small breed frequent bathing is not suitable, I was looking for a product which can keep my dog clean, & is also safe to use, my friend suggested me PetaClean, this waterless shampoo has amazing cleansing results, I really like its MegaMelon fragrance.

Bhasha Chatterjee’s Rooney

Saumyadip’s Casper just after bath! My sweeet CASPER (after bath)

Saumyadip’s Casper

Lyan Dsouza’s Cassy! So cute!

Lyan Dsouza’s Cassy!

Manasvi with Sheero Sheero! Beagly weeogly woosh! Sheero! #ILoveMyBeagle

Manasvi with Sheero

Your Denim fragrance of PetaSpray is so amazing, & most important it lasts longer, I am very happy with the results of product, now my dog smell amazing.

Jignesh’s Kelly!

My dog is active & free from any tear strains, after I started using PetaBiotics , as a daily health supplement in its regular food requirement.

Mashuka’s Bozz

My dog’s daily appetite became normal after, I started giving PetaBiotics in his food; the product has increased its energy levels considerably.

Meghana’s Simba says hello!

I have been using Mega Melon fragrance of PetaWash & PetaSoft for grooming needs of my dog, its coat is shiner & softer than ever before, I am very happy with the results of these two products.

Aditi Juneja’s Trio!

Annu with her Dogra “He’s trying to posing like me on camera..Isn’t that cool..?? “

Annu with her Dogra

My pug was on medication for quite some time, due to which his energy levels got affected , after I started using PetaBiotics in his food, my pug is active as before, moreover there was improvement in his appetite level also.

David with The Duke

Ganez’s Rudy! my cute Rudy

Ganez’s Rudy!