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Month: September 2014

Police dogs help to capture drug dealing diesel thief

TRACKER dogs helped catch a drug dealer while police were on the case of a diesel thief, a court heard.The animals were called out to help track the vehicle that stole fuel from a tipper lorry belonging to Andrew Taylor in Eastington, near Stonehouse, on October 18 last year. But […]

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The First Days with Your New Puppy: Dos and Don’ts

Caring for new puppies can be an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. Puppies have the excitement of an earthquake and unfortunately can cause the same amount of damage. With a little patience and a lot of love, you can help your rambunctious new companion into a lifelong friend. DO: Provide […]

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Dogs that are Groomed on a Regular Basis Are Healthier Dogs

Dogs cool off their bodies by panting and via air circulation as it passes through the pads on their paws. By keeping the hair between their pads clipped, it significantly benefits your dog’s built-in air conditioning unit. It also increases the traction they need to maneuver without slipping on smooth […]

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Dog Grooming Benefits

The benefits of dog grooming extend far beyond just making the dog look prettier. Grooming improves the mental state of your dog, improves his behavior, is important for his health, and most importantly, is a protection for YOU and your children and grandchildren.An improved mental state leads to better behavior. […]

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